5 Free and Paid Marketing Tools that SMBs Can Use

Online marketing has become highly automated these days.  We’re no longer  having to manually manage each social network and campaign individually. There are tools now available that aggregate our favorite platforms and enable us to control our efforts from a single dashboard.

To try and take care of it manually is simply too aggravating not to mention a waste of time and money.

7 Useful Tips to Optimize Your Website Lead Capture Form

For most inbound marketers, conversion rate optimization is a stumbling block. They tick all the optimization checklists for a better SEO, but fail to apply optimization tactics to the form, which can result in a higher conversion rate.

Conversion rate optimization may be difficult, but not impossible. A lot depends on the signup form. If the signup form looks appealing, assures privacy and informative, then visitors will be prompted to fill it out. Hence, optimizing the signup form means optimizing the conversion rate.

7 Automation Trends for Digital Marketers to Follow

The online marketing industry is increasingly relying with automation to manage their campaigns, and their successes validate the shift. Success in online marketing depends on:

  • How much time one spends
  • How much effort he puts in

Marketing automation tools are a benefit to inbound marketers. Using such tools saves time, simplifies the work process and reduces errors.

5 Useful Slideshare Marketing Strategies for Inbound Marketers

Paid tools come with features that are more robust than those coming with free tools. Marketers have a predilection for paid tools. But some free tools are as good as paid tools. One of them is slideshare.

Nearly 70 million people use Slideshare, some for marketing, some for other reasons. It’s importance in marketing cannot be ignored.

5 Tips for SMBs to Select Useful Business Intelligence Software

The ever-increasing demand for automation has resulted in industry-wide adoption of business intelligence (BI) software. BI software is a bit different from mainstream automation tools.

While typical automation solutions reduce the workflow volume, minimize the need for human intervention and lower the operating expenses, business intelligence software serve only one purpose - help corporate managers make more informed decisions.



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