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5 Ways Content Marketing is Gradually Encapsulating SEO

It’s no secret that content marketing has penetrated deeper into SEO.

But how deep?

That we’ll explore in this article. After reading it, you can review your site and verify if on-page best practices have been followed and decide whether any changes are required.

Here’s how quality content is changing each aspect of SEO:

The Possible Impacts of Panda Becoming a Core Google Algorithm

A big change has taken place in the beginning of this year - Google made Panda its core ranking algorithm. Because it was reported by people credible enough and claiming they got the news from Google itself, we had to believe them.

Among the sources who reported it, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land was one. Another was Jennifer Slegg of Thesempost. Gary Illyes validated what the latter wrote in her article and confirmed that he gave her tips.

Six Online Tools to Help You Create Better Quality Content

The importance of content is rising, so is the demand for content-based tools. True, writing is all about creativity, but in the digital world, readability matters more than creativity.

Those who write for the web cannot shut themselves from the outside world and devote their time in writing. That’s because the purpose of writing is to promote brands. They frame their content in accordance with brand promotion strategies.

5 Mistakes that Impact of Content Marketing Negatively

You own a business and you want to take it forward. So, you have been depending on marketing. And these days, when you are planning the marketing of your business, it’s kind of impossible to keep online marketing away. And when you are looking to perform well with online marketing, you will have to concentrate properly on content marketing. And while you are doing that, you need to avoid a few amateurish content marketing mistakes to get the best results.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common content marketing mistakes that can make even your most honest and outstanding efforts look ordinary.

Tips to Become a Successful Blogger to get Better SEO Results

The new age SEO techniques have made blogging the most viable practice for online promotion. But blogging is anyone’s cup of tea these days. It takes less than an hour to set up a blog and start feeding it content. This reminds us of an old saying that says the easy routes never take one to success, which means when blogging, the blogger should never prioritize quantity, he should prioritize quality instead.



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