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4 Easy Tips to Beat Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google's Mobile-First index can lead to a paradigm shift in the way indexing works. It necessitates mobile-friendly individual pages besides a mobile-friendly website.

Here’s a brief synopsis of mobile-first indexing:

Importance of Keyword Optimization and How to do It

Every digital marketing strategy that you create ultimately revolves around keywords. From content optimization, social media sharing, link building to directly emailing newsletters to the target audience right in their mail box…keywords are an essential tool that help you reach out to your audience. That’s why keyword optimization is a very important strategy that you just can’t ignore.

Online Marketing Consulting: Why do you need this?

When was the last time you got constructive feedbacks about your marketing plans and actions?  How often do people around you suggest new marketing ideas that are worth implementing? Are your marketing inputs and actions limited to short boardroom meetings?

What if your customer or partner asks you about your marketing roadmap – both for short-term and long-term business goals? Do you have specialists that constantly evaluate your marketing actions against that of your competitors?

5 Infographic Design Tips that Marketers Need to Follow

There are many marketing techniques that become all the rage for a while only to slip away into oblivion after a while. Then there are the few that stick, and become a mainstay in every professional’s marketing tool kit.

The Infographic is one technique that has definitely has stood out.

Now some may say that infographic are a content format and not a ‘technique’.

7 Automation Trends for Digital Marketers to Follow

The online marketing industry is increasingly relying with automation to manage their campaigns, and their successes validate the shift. Success in online marketing depends on:

  • How much time one spends
  • How much effort he puts in

Marketing automation tools are a benefit to inbound marketers. Using such tools saves time, simplifies the work process and reduces errors.



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