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5 Useful Slideshare Marketing Strategies for Inbound Marketers

Paid tools come with features that are more robust than those coming with free tools. Marketers have a predilection for paid tools. But some free tools are as good as paid tools. One of them is slideshare.

Nearly 70 million people use Slideshare, some for marketing, some for other reasons. It’s importance in marketing cannot be ignored.

5 Tips for SMBs to Select Useful Business Intelligence Software

The ever-increasing demand for automation has resulted in industry-wide adoption of business intelligence (BI) software. BI software is a bit different from mainstream automation tools.

While typical automation solutions reduce the workflow volume, minimize the need for human intervention and lower the operating expenses, business intelligence software serve only one purpose - help corporate managers make more informed decisions.

4 Digital Marketing Trends Every B2B Enterprise Should Watch

To be successful in marketing, a brand needs to stay fresh and relevant, as well as stay up-to-date on current trends in the marketplace. If not, it isn’t going to see the next thing coming and will fail to deal with it accordingly.

Here we are in the middle of 2016 and it seems digital marketing has inherited some new traits. The B2C industries catches up quickly with new trends. But the players in B2B are notoriously slow in adopting current trends.

What Should Marketers Learn from the “Keywords are Dead” Debate?

Is the death of keywords a rumor? Or is it real? In my opinion, the answer isn’t black and white, but more shades of gray. There a number of facets to keywords and even if we consider them all, the answer may not be all that cut and dry. Let’s have a look at some of these facets.

Ranking factor

Whether someone admits it or not, keywords are still the most crucial ranking factor. When we think of ranking, we think of ranking against keywords. If there are no keywords, there’s no ranking.

Fact Packed Insights to Shape Your Marketing Strategy for 2016

Information aids in strategizing. The more information one receives, the better strategies he devises. Marketing insights are information, obtained by processing raw data. Such insights are extremely useful to marketers.

The Advertising Age has released 2016 marketing fact pack, which delivers valuable insights to marketers around the world. Some of the findings in the pack are hard to believe while some others fall in line with predictions made earlier.



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