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5 Key Factors that Might be Affecting Your Site’s Ranking

Why are your efforts to rank your site high and get more visitors not paying off? Must be because something is wrong. You need to figure out what was wrong. Here’s a rundown of the factors that impede a site from ranking high and getting decent traffic.

Audience demographics

Thanks to state-of-the-art web analytic tools, you can get ample demographic details of your target audience. The competitive edge doesn’t lie in there - it lies in making the best use of the details.

How’s that possible?

How can You Build Quality Backlinks without Getting Penalized?

Do you think all links are created equal?

No, they are not.

Link building was simple before. You were required to write a few articles, publish them on an article submission website and then earn a link back to your website.

This technique does not work today. The right inbound links can grow your ranking, brand, and revenue, but the wrong ones can get your website penalized.

How to Maximize Reach Using the Knowledge Graph of Google?

Since 2012, we have grown to love as well as be afraid of the Google Knowledge Graph. A system of sophisticatedly indexed and carefully displayed result for common search queries, we love it since it provides fast answers to simple queries. We are afraid of it as it can undermine all the benefits of SEO. It’s in Google’s best interest to keep users on search results. The ability to produce relevant results and attention to user requirement and desires creates a difference between Google and other search engines.

3 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce Website Marketing

Planning a website for your retail business? For any retail business, the website needs to be an ecommerce one. You can place a large number of items on the ecommerce site. It will drive the sales of the products to a great extent. But you need to keep an important thing in mind. There are a large number of ecommerce websites on the internet. And many of them surely offer the same things that you do. So, the competition is high. But you need to ensure that the visitors select your website for purchasing stuff. Moreover, you also need to increase traffic to your ecommerce website for that.

How can you do that?

Considering the OS Platforms is Important for Mobile SEO Campaigns

Mobile SEO demands internet marketers to use a lot of grey matters and strategize the best practices. The number of users, who access the internet from desktop devices is shrinking in the speed of light, and that has virtually been forcing marketers to optimize websites for mobile devices.

So far, the approach of online marketers to mobile SEO has been a passe. Unless they make their approach more innovative, it’d be difficult for them to get a first-mover advantage in a soon-to-be competitive scenario. Needless to say, they need to ideate and come up with something new.



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