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4 Crucial Aspects That are Responsible for Building Positive Branding

Eric Haskell beautifully explained in his article why shoppers value the brand experience alongside the product. It’s clear from his analysis that online retail is as much about experience as about product quality.

He stressed the fact that this is most notable in the millennial (18-34 years of age) audience. Unlike their parents, online retail for them is more then simply getting on Amazon and getting their everyday essentials delivered.  They are more spirited than and like most things in life, they seek out what brings them pleasure. Retailers who make them smile have greater chances of selling their products to them.

4 Brand Storytelling Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Brands are warming up to idea of telling stories to their audiences and audiences en masse are responding to stories, shared with them by their favorite brands.

But a brand won’t be able to realize the full potential of storytelling if it commits mistakes. 

What are the mistakes that brands commit when telling stories? And what are the remedies? 

5 Benefits of Visual Branding that Every Brand Should Know

Every brand wants to stand apart from its competitors, build an audience and connect with them. Visual branding is very helpful in accomplishing this. How it helps them, is what we’re going to discuss here. So keep reading.

Preserving brand identity

As industry landscapes are getting dense with competitors, brands have to deal with an identity crisis. Visual branding can preserve a brand’s identity, which depends on how fans perceive the brand.

How Brands Can Use Online Communities for Promotion

Networking is the key to success in the digital world, and online communities are based on this idea.  They allow for the interconnecting of people that share similar interests, whether for business or leisure and recreation. These online communities provide a highly focused target that enable marketers to be precise with messaging and touch the exact market they are looking for.

Online communities are

Social networks, forums and interactive platforms are considered online communities.

How These 4 Strategies Can Offer a Captivating Brand Experience

As a digital marketer, your goal is to get more and more customers. Whether you operate in the B2B segment or in the B2C, customers are your lifeline. No customers, no business.

Retaining customers is your next priority after you acquire them and that’s possible when you make sure they are getting a seamless brand experience - something that your audiences are not offering.



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